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    If only…

    Why is the cake cutting-thingy square? And where’s the leftovers from the middle circle?

    One of the pieces disappears?????

    it’s a mouse wearing pants

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    britney explains things like no other

    she has such a way with words

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  • what actually happens (x)

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  • Nanna from Of Monsters and Men

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    Sniffing… I wonder why dan close his eyes? He’s too shy maybe ?Or does phil’s face smell that good ?

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    danisnotonfire and amazingphil need to create a Kickthestickz hybrid, and have it fall in love with Dil Howlter so their babies will look like Dan, Phil, Chris, and PJ.

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    do you ever sit in ur friends room and just wonder how many times theyve masturbated where ur sitting

    no but now i will and it’s honestly your fault

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